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Track Your Journey
Track Your Product Use & Effects


Your personal tracking experiences provide you with insight on gauging how your mind and body are responding to your CBD products. After you register as part of the community, you'll answer a series of questions so that the program can be customized to your individual needs and preferences. 

You'll be asked about your or your loved one's wellness challenges and goals, the products you prefer and any other medications or supplements being taken, among other things. Then, we'll generate a custom program just for you. 


View Your Journey

As you accumulate experiences, you'll be able to view the progress you're making in your journey towards wellness. Much like popular fitness or weight loss app-based communities, CBD+me provides the opportunity for both daily tracking and a cumulative timeline of effects: in this case, achieving wellness goals set by you. 

What About the Product Data Being Collected?

Your personal contact information is concealed; only your experiences are shared. Your product ratings are rolled up anonymously with those of others in the community to give all members the latest information on what products are most effective for you or your loved one's needs. Read our terms of use and privacy statement here

If you have downloaded the app by invitation through your CBD product supplier, you may see their logo and product catalog on the app and your experiences will be shared with your supplier. Your experiences will also be combined with the larger community for science and safety data collection.

Get Started

Set up your profile and goals, find your products and get started on measuring their effects! You'll be on the path to exploring improved wellness in no time.